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Art History Book Club


Reading Woman on a Couch by Isaac Israels



The Art History Book Club

Interested in taking a deep dive into art history? This group meets monthly and discusses books by and about artists, collectors and collections, critics, art objects. If there is a variety of material about the selected artist or topic, members are encouraged to make their own reading selections. When the group meets they compare notes and have lively discussions.

Next Meeting: Thursday, May 2 at 12:30pm in The Art League Gallery RSVP Here

 Selected Topic:  Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei (b.1957). Below are a selection of books, and documentaries about, as well as, interviews with the artist.

Because Weiwei is so active in the political arena, there's a lot of material on him out there. Inter-library loans are a great way to get hold of those more expensive art books.

A selection of books on Amazon.


A documentary titled "Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry" from 2012 is available on Netflix streaming, or can be rented from Amazon for $3.99. About 1 hour and a half. Looks interesting.


Some links relating to his exhibit at the Hirshhorn in 2017:

Article in Smithsonian magazine on WeiWei's  2017 exhibit.

A chat/lecture with WeiWei at the Hirshhorn in 2017, a little under 1 hour.

A review of that exhibit in the Washington Post.



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