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Gallery 75 Membership

Gallery 75 provides an opportunity for Art League members to continuously exhibit in one of the most visited galleries in the region, to build a client base and to sell your work. Artists who are established active members in the gallery are eligible to display framed, unframed, and three-dimensional work in this space.


2019-20 Drop-Off & Pick-Up DATES: 

All times are during the drop off hours for the particular month's juried exhibit and are specified below. 

  • July-August: Sunday, July 7 from 1:00pm-5:00pm, and Monday, July 8 from 10:00am-12:00pm. 
  • September-October: Sunday, September 8 and Monday September 9, 2019 (Times TBA)
  • November-January: Sunday, November 3 and Monday, November 4, 2019 (Times TBA)
  • February: Pick-Up ONLY on Sunday, February 2 and Monday, February 3, 2020 (Times TBA)
  • March-April: Sunday, March 8 and Monday, March 9, 2020 (Times TBA)

Note: February is pick-up only because we are having the Patrons' Show and the Student/Faculty Show 




Table of contents:


Gallery 75 Orientation

Please contact gallery staff at gallery@theartleague.org to make alternative arrangements if you were unable to attend the orentation session in early June.

How to renew or join (qualified members will be notified by gallery staff.)

To renew online, click here! If you are already a member, choose "existing member" to begin. You may also pay for your dues in the gallery. 

Gallery 75 Eligibility

Eligible members are those members who have had artwork accepted into three juried Art League membership shows during the previous membership year (July 1 – June 30) OR have been a member for 25+ years OR has had 12+ artworks accepted into the Gallery's juried monthly exhibits OR have had an Art League solo show. You must wait until the beginning of the next membership year (July 1) to join and participate in Gallery 75, if you are not already an enrolled member of the Gallery 75 program. Read more about Gallery 75 eligibility.

2D Gallery 75 Membership + Annual Art League Exhibiting Artist dues: $65 + $80 = $145, or $65 + $144 = $209
3D/Pastel Gallery 75 Membership + Annual Art League Exhibiting Artist dues$45 + $80 = $125, or $45 + $144 = $189


Framed Work
As a Gallery 75 member, you may bring in ONE framed work for Gallery 75, during the designated drop off times only.

Submissions at any other time cannot be accepted. February is the only month without a Gallery 75 show. Please check the Tidings for current information.

Gallery 75 is a place to exhibit small works. Pieces may not be larger then 320 square inches* (16" x 20" or any configuration of 320 square inches) including the frame. Works that are too large will not be displayed. Sculptors' work should be proportionate to this size; width x height x depth equals 500 cubic inches or less.

*this size is subject to change, determined by the participation of exhibiting artists in the Gallery 75 program.

All pieces must come ready to hang with appropriate hanging wire securely attached to the back. The same framing standards for monthly juried exhibitions apply to Gallery 75.

You must sign-in your pieces for Gallery 75. Fill out a Gallery 75 tag, attach the tag to the FRONT of the piece. Enter the framed work on your Gallery 75 sign-in sheets under the Framed Works area. Work that is not signed in will not be installed.

Download Gallery 75 Tags here.  Download inventory slip for framed work and sculptures.

Unframed Works
Works suitable for the unframed works include works on paper, panel and un-stretched canvas. Pastel works are not suitable for the unframed works or in Gallery 75.

Artists may display up to five unframed pieces at a time. These pieces can remain in Gallery 75 unframed for six months before they must be removed and replaced with new works. You may not enter the same pieces consecutively. It is each artist's responsibility to monitor the condition of
unframed works in Gallery 75. The gallery staff monitors Gallery 75 monthly and will remove pieces that are damaged, outdated or labeled incorrectly. Artists will be notified that work has been pulled. Artists must retrieve works promptly. All work left in the closet for six months becomes the property of The Art League without notice.

All Gallery 75 unframed pieces must be signed in by filling out a Gallery 75 label and taping it to their unframed piece. Please print and write legibly to ensure price accuracy. After labeling the work, please give your work directly to Gallery Staff. It will then be entered into the Gallery 75 database and an offical tag will be printed and attached. Artist inventory sheets are available upon request. 

Small Unframed Works: no larger than 16" x 18" (including mat)
Unframed Works: no larger  than 25" x 29" (including mat)
Unframed Works: no larger than 38" x 45" (including mat)

*All unframed works must be matted. Work must be backed with acid-free foam core, with neatly cut edges. Cardboard backing is not acceptable.


*NEW* Greeting Cards 

2D artists may also offer five original greeting cards.

  • Artwork on the card must be original. No reproductions.
  • Cards must be housed in a protective plastic sleeve.
  • Pastel is not suitable for greeting cards. 

We recommend pricing greeting cards under $15. Please keep in mind that these are a separate product from your matted, unframed work. Greeting cards are intended to be another strategy for you to market your work, and give more customers an opportunity to purchase a piece of original artwork. 

The gallery staff will contact the artist as soon as a work is sold. Artists may bring in a replacement piece as soon as possible. This applies to framed works as well as unframed works. As with any sale in the Gallery, commissions are processed by the 15th of the following month.




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