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IMPART connects recent Injured Military Personnel with visual arts experiences created for personal enrichment, relaxed social engagement, the improvement and redevelopment of fine motor skills, and expressive catharsis. Here at the League, our nationally recognized Ceramics Department Chair, Blair Meerfeld, works with volunteers and Fort Belvoir's Warriors in Transition Unit B, to bring the arts experience to wounded veterans and their caregivers.

One day each week, these veterans are welcomed at our Madison Annex facility and offered individualized instruction and creative attention. The project also includes 
off-site multi-media courses, at the USO Warrior and Family Center on Fort Belvoir Military Base, for in-treatment PTSD patients at Ft. Belvoir Hospital.


IMPart is proud to be part of:



More about this program:

These experiences have positive and profound individual impact as illustrated in a note received IMPART participant and Wounded Warrior Sergeant First Class William H. Roberts:

“I want to write to personally thank you for helping us heal both physically and mentally and for creating an atmosphere of joy and happiness. I wish that there could be a place like this with people like you in every state.”

...and, by the experience of IMPART participant Jon Meadows, who is recovering from a frontal-lobe traumatic brain injury he suffered in Afghanistan in January 2013:

“It’s helpful with my eyesight, it’s helpful with my fine motor skills, it helped me to think more and just to do so much with cognition and things like that. So many different skills that are involved in art that a lot of people don’t know they’re using, but you’re using it. And it’s actually helping through a therapeutic way and it’s enjoyable. So, it’s a totally different way of helping someone. When I express myself like this, it gives me a sense of relief, release, it just calms you down. You just go to another place and it takes away every other problem that you have, and you just feel good. And, then you’re just lost in the moment of making something. After you’re done with it and you make it and you see other people they like it. Especially, when you see somebody look at your work and then it means something to them. That means a lot. It really touches you. I get so much out of it.”



Left: Art League instructor Rob Liberace gives a painting demo at Fort Belvoir.  

Right:  The opening reception for the first IMPART ceramics exhibit.




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